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Vinyl Decal Removal



    Contrary to what many seem to believe, you can remove our vinyl decals from windows and paint without damage to the surface.  At Decals & Fried Chicken we use high quality vinyl that is rated by the vinyl manufacturer to have an outdoor lifespan ranging from 5-7 years! This gives you, the customer a decal that is superior to average plastic or paper stickers and can outlast paint. Please note that removing the graphic or decal will not harm your paint but will most likely destroy the graphic.

*These instructions are intended for the removal of typical calendared or cast vinyl. Removal of reflective or other specialty high adhesive vinyls may require the help of a professional.

Tools you will need:
 A hair dryer or heat gun, a plastic razor blade or other similar soft scraper, and adhesive remover or denatured alcohol mixed 50/50 with water.

Removal Steps:

    1) Use your hair dryer to warm up a small corner of your graphic. Carefully slide your plastic razor blade or finger nail under the warmed corner and lift the graphic. Continue to warm the graphic to soften the adhesive and slowly lift keeping your fingers in close to the surface to avoid tearing. Go slow work till all of the decal is removed.
     2) If residue remains after peeling off the graphic, use adhesive remover like Goo Gone or denatured alcohol and a cloth to get it off. Be careful with certain products on painted surfaces, read all labels and make sure it won't eat away at the paint. If you're unsure whether or not it will, put a small amount of it on a section of paint that is unnoticeable and test first.                          
    3) Sometimes "ghosting" occurs on  vehicles and surfaces where the graphic used to be, this is not the fault of the vinyl, what you are seeing is a clean spot. Years of road grime can cause this. Simply buff the area or "clay bar" the surface till the paint is a uniform color. 
    4) You're ready for a new graphic, change it up, we got what you need! 

 Vinyl graphics will not mount to concrete, unpainted wood, or other porous surfaces. Newly painted surfaces should have at least a week to dry before vinyl is mounted on them. Only mount vinyl on oil-based paints; latex paints may not let the graphic stick. We cannot be held responsible for improper application or damage to the mounting area. 
This how-to is meant to be a guide of suggestion, it is not written in stone, and if you don't have any idea what you're doing, you should research it a little further or perhaps have a professional do it for you. Decals & Fried Chicken will not be held responsible for graphic failure due to improper application. If you have questions please email us we love our customers and we want you to have a great experience with our products.