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We have performed some site upgrades and added a few sections including a support section for installation, removal and decal, sticker and banner care instructions!

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Decals & Fried Chicken also offers Professional Website Development and design. Whether you are looking for a simple site or a complex online store, we can take care of your site for you! .

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Iraggi Alternator

High Output Alternators


Our new online store & website is now up and running and available at

demoWe have lots of alternators to choose from already on the site! If you do not see your vehicle, simply fill out an alternator quote request and we will add your vehicle and all its available options to our alternator site.


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Due to life and other things, the store is currently closed. We may reopen in the future.

Because of some circumstances that have changed I can no longer keep the web store open, however the site will stay up. 

I have decided that I need to step back, downsize and take care of other priorities. I do hope you all understand.

What makes our decals different?

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: With over 20 years of audio, decal & signage experience you know you are getting quality products from someone who actually designs graphics & signage for a living! There are a lot of people buying cheap cutters and vinyl material off of ebay producing stickers that fade and crack in a matter of months where ours are made of quality long life materials that we have tried and tested over our years of service! No garage/shade tree trickery here!

LONG LASTING PRODUCTS: We use high quality long life materials to assure you that your product will last a long time. All our full color printed products are printed using outdoor UV resistant inks and will last 5-7 years outdoors without fading or peeling!

SUPER LOW PRICES: We offer very competetive pricing for quality products at prices that rival the prices that others charge for cheap materials.

WARRANTY AGAINST APPLICATION ERROR: Most people have no problem installing a decal, however from time to time we all make mistakes! If you make a mistake installing your decal(s), simply send us a photo of the decals you messed up and pay shipping we will send you a replacement decal/sticker!

WARRANTY: Unlike the cheap ebay shade tree competitors, our decals come with a 3 year anti-peel/fade/crack warranty.

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Website & Webstore Development

Decals & Fried Chicken Offers Website and Webstore developmnet & Design for any industry. From simple web directories to fully functioning shopping cart sites, we got you covered! Contact us today to discuss your site development options.

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